Late autumn


I did not write anything in my blog for a long time. There was no time, and there was nothing interesting about it, which I could share with the unresponsive emptiness in which I throw away my articles. There is simply no feedback. Probably nobody reads my blog. Perhaps no one even knows about my existence. All this from the fact that I am not public. I am not registered in any social networks and I have few friends. And here in this site I have the illusion that I am sort of a diary of my affairs, I kinda make reports to the universe about the work done on this planet. Okay, a little philosophy I think will not hurt this blog, but now the main thing.

Trike after a trip to the beach in need of some repairs. I repaired and adjusted the motor. Replaced the compression valve, cleaned it of sand and hung it on the paramotor. Trike was standing covered with an awning for three months and, as a result, the wheels rusted to the axles. Salt water has done its job and the bearings have fallen into disrepair. Before disassembling the trike, I weighed it and it turned out that it weighs 114 kg, which is quite a lot. Over the summer and autumn, I built a trike for flights. Made him small. But not yet experienced even. That the weather, then work. I also changed my place of residence, and this is moving and repair. But now I live closer to the old airfield. I also thought to make a boat out of my trike. Rather, the hovercraft, below leave the picture. But for now this idea is only on paper. It was not possible to make inflatable pontoons, but everything else is in principle. Maybe my Rocket 120 will be weak. Honestly, it would be my will, I would buy tools and motors and build a lot of different devices for water and for air and earth, and they would all excite people’s imagination.

And one more thing – I drew a new comic strip. More precisely, a graphic novel about the north about snowmobiles, about Lake Baikal. There are many adventures and various interesting techniques. A novel about my favorite time – 20-30 years of the last century. Maybe soon I will post it on the site so that I could get acquainted with it. I started working on this graphic novel in the spring and just finished it yesterday. Half a year I painted it in the evenings at night and on weekends. Thanks to my family for patience, because it took a lot of strength and nerves. And of course, Thanks to God the Creator, under whose light we all are.

IMG_20180822_093626 IMG_20180822_093639 IMG_20181017_141019 IMG_20181017_141011 IMG_20181017_141002 IMG_20181010_100047 IMG_20181010_100039 IMG_20181010_100030 IMG_20181009_163007 IMG_20181009_162958 IMG_20180826_212953

19.08.2018 test drive


Today I finally got my trike to the beach and tested it on the sand. To admit, was a bit confused by the results. Sand is not an asphalt. The car is dying and hardly overclocking. I was so worried about the brakes, but it turned out to be on the beach, they do not need at all. You just let the gas and the car stops very quickly. It was possible to ride a little over forty kilometers per hour. 42 – 45 and that’s if you press a full gas. On the asphalt, the device accelerated to 60 very quickly and continued to dial, and there is a completely different matter. Depreciation is normal. Although the suspension on the semi axes at the working out of shock absorbers produces a scatter of wheels, they go as if up and to the side which also brake the device as it seemed to me. But overall I liked everything and I think if I change the front wheel for more and change the motor for more powerful than this kid, what costs me then you can safely go along the coast though around the whole sea. For a second I felt like Malcolm Campbell rushing along the beach on her blue bird. But my bird was red and the speed was several times less, but I think I managed to make the scenery so that I felt the same as my dear Malkom and Donald Campbell, Henry Seagrave, John Parry-Thomas and others. And one more moment – after an hour of skating, the propeller was simply ruined by sand and water. I really spoiled the propeller. The conclusion should be made on the propeller protective plates or tape in several layers to roll.

In general, I’m pleased with the trip. Many thanks to Igor who provided his car for transportation of the trike and assistance in testing! And also thanks to the great Karlis, for the shooting and for being not afraid of an early rise and joined the trip!

IMG_20180819_122705 IMG_20180819_122700 IMG_20180819_122653 IMG_20180819_060916

Everything is ready for engine installation


Shock absorbers installed. The brakes are made and the hood I lengthened screwed and painted. Next thing to do – install the engine. Make the handle of the gas, then a fence for the screw and I think we can leave the garage. The only thing that does not give me a little sleep is the design of the front. When I took off the hood to fix the front fork, I noticed how well the machine looks without a bulky cowl in front. It is short and cute, a bit like the kind of genus. The only thing that bothers me is the small and delicate front wheel. If you leave the device without the fairing, then the wheel should be thicker, then the appearance will win more powerful, and if you leave a thin wheel, visually the superiority of the large cabin will be purely composite. Now I’m thinking about what to do. I can probably buy a tire more and solve this question in the same way, but the budget does not allow .. There is another option to cut holes in the hood on the sides so making it a little easier and perhaps more interesting, but it can turn out unsuccessfully, the device can look too theatrical .. I think I’ll leave it this way. you need to roll it out onto the street. We need to move away from it and then everything will become clear. I work in a dark hangar, hiding my device from all eyes, and I did not really see it from a distance, except in my imagination. Yes, I wanted to say a big thank you to Roland, my employer. he allows me to use the tool and design in his workshop. If it were not for his kind heart, so all would remain on paper ..

There is such a tricycle, the Morgan machine, British. I really like their concept and the fact that they do not change their pre-war design of this model. So I thought that my tricycle if I made a design like my aeromobile but with the engine built into the back of the cab and with a chain drive to the wheel building, then visually it would look not nearly worse than Morgan and where it’s even more interesting. The design of the reverse triangle is a single trike with a rudder like a car. I wonder if it will have enough stability on the road?

DSCF8508 DSCF8507 DSCF8506 DSCF8511 DSCF8512 DSCF8513 DSCF8504


I continue building. The frame is welded and painted with black primer. The frame was too heavy and without shock absorbers. But for now I’ll leave it as it is. It is necessary to try to put a trike on the wheels and then it will become clear what went well and what was bad. It will still be necessary to cut and digest the frame in the course of testing, and then I will insert the shock absorbers, if necessary. The idea is that the wheels will amortize the frame itself too. This trike is intended solely for driving along the beach and on a specific route (more on this later).

At the weekend I screwed the fiberglass body to the frame and made the floor of plywood. Still installed the front fork and wheel. He welded the steering spider and connected it to the steering wheel. The next thing I plan to do is complete the management system, adjust everything and finally fix it. Then I think to do the interior. The rear suspension is not ready yet. It is necessary to wait for one master to make on the axis milling cutter and a couple of parts for the brakes, then it will be possible to put everything together. Well, we are waiting for the next weekend to resume interesting work again.

20180416_152527 20180416_121120 20180416_122924 20180416_122936 20180416_091146

A new turn


It’s been more than a year since the first and only flight of the Dreamfighter trike. And this year was difficult for me and for my project. Continue or not, that is the question! In the end, having changed a lot of options, I came to the conclusion that a trike with a front engine is not needed by anyone. I built my own, flew and enough. If there were enough resources, one could certainly build an outstanding thing, but it’s difficult to climb this mountain alone without the means. In the end, as an artist, I am interested in the process of creating unusual devices, and the machines themselves interest me more from the outside than from the practical.

So, when I expressed my thoughts about the Dreamfighter, it’s time to say about the Dreamfighter snowmobile. Since the case even cracked, I decided to give him a second life in a different quality and guise, the more that I have one idea that reminds me of myself every time, when I go to the coast of the Baltic Sea. In general, there is an idea, there is a broken body, three good wheels and even a motor, although not very powerful. I had to sell my Thor 130, but in the winter I had a Rocket 120. Although it is weak, but able to push the snowmobile with wheels on an even surface. I started to make wheeled snowmobile Dreamfighter, but this time the motor will be behind them. Outwardly they become like an old racing car or plane. I must say that this project attracted me and already something began to loom. At first I cut off the bottom of the case and welded a metal frame. I also made the steering wheel and the front fork. It remains to understand the motor and the axes for the rear wheels and then it will be possible to slowly collect the device. Since I can work with it only on weekends, the project is moving rather slowly. But at the same time he brings me a lot of joy and again I see the meaning in the creativity that I do!



trike 20180407_133911 20180406_120140 steering wheel