Everything is ready for engine installation


Shock absorbers installed. The brakes are made and the hood I lengthened screwed and painted. Next thing to do – install the engine. Make the handle of the gas, then a fence for the screw and I think we can leave the garage. The only thing that does not give me a little sleep is the design of the front. When I took off the hood to fix the front fork, I noticed how well the machine looks without a bulky cowl in front. It is short and cute, a bit like the kind of genus. The only thing that bothers me is the small and delicate front wheel. If you leave the device without the fairing, then the wheel should be thicker, then the appearance will win more powerful, and if you leave a thin wheel, visually the superiority of the large cabin will be purely composite. Now I’m thinking about what to do. I can probably buy a tire more and solve this question in the same way, but the budget does not allow .. There is another option to cut holes in the hood on the sides so making it a little easier and perhaps more interesting, but it can turn out unsuccessfully, the device can look too theatrical .. I think I’ll leave it this way. you need to roll it out onto the street. We need to move away from it and then everything will become clear. I work in a dark hangar, hiding my device from all eyes, and I did not really see it from a distance, except in my imagination. Yes, I wanted to say a big thank you to Roland, my employer. he allows me to use the tool and design in his workshop. If it were not for his kind heart, so all would remain on paper ..

There is such a tricycle, the Morgan machine, British. I really like their concept and the fact that they do not change their pre-war design of this model. So I thought that my tricycle if I made a design like my aeromobile but with the engine built into the back of the cab and with a chain drive to the wheel building, then visually it would look not nearly worse than Morgan and where it’s even more interesting. The design of the reverse triangle is a single trike with a rudder like a car. I wonder if it will have enough stability on the road?

DSCF8508 DSCF8507 DSCF8506 DSCF8511 DSCF8512 DSCF8513 DSCF8504

Building continues


Over the weekend, I managed quite a lot. I bought a sheet of aluminum and made a hood for the front of the trike. Put the hinges so the hood could be easily opened, fork and the front wheel could be reached if necessary. As fasteners of the bottom of the hood used belts like old cars. Visually, I like this decision most of all, but the straps turned out to be flimsy and torn as soon as I could just pull them. In general, I had to put on bolts. It does not look good, but it keeps well. On top of that, I painted the hood with black paint. The paint was only matte and does not look very good with a glossy casing, but in general it is satisfactory, then I can varnish it and it will be ok.

One of my good friends Irena decided to help me and brought a whole package of all sorts of interesting things. Various rivets, belts, handbags, decorative carnations and scraps of different fabrics. Among other things, there was also a good piece of black dermantine to which I covered the hastily made of plywood and foam rubber seat. It turned out very well. However, in the cockpit it became a little cramped and there was nowhere to pull the legs. But even the pedals need to be put somewhere. At the moment this is my main problem and next week I hope to solve it.

Unfortunately, the rear axles and braces for the brakes are still unprepared, and it makes me angry and brakes the whole project. If I welded the axles, I could put the wheels and brakes. After that, you can mount the motor and take over the fence and there is already the final straight and sun-drenched beach on which I will rush on my hot rod-aerotrayke, I do not even know what else it can be called. While I’m happy with everything in the design. Everything within my picture, but still a lot of work if only it was unnecessary to be distracted by the earnings, I would have built a whole fleet of cars that could be safely taken and removed in the sequel of the Mad Max …

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Reflections on the possibilities of a paraglider


Ten years I worked in the cinema as a decorator. We had to do a lot of interesting things (I mean in historical movies). Ordinary modern melodramas are the ones that are most in demand, from the point of view of the decorator, films are not interesting. Another thing is the historical films about the war well or fantasy in which, unfortunately, I never had the chance to work. Why am I saying all this? Once I worked on the historical film The Defenders of Riga. A film about the events unfolding in Latvia after the end of the first world war. The Russian prince Bermond Avalov, in alliance with some surviving German divisions, decided to take Riga as a result of which the local population rose up against the interventionists, was able to reorganize and form a competitive resistance. That’s about that long war and filmed that movie and there was an episode in which German planes fly to bomb Riga. Well, not only were there more scenes at the airfield, etc. In general, the budget for the movie was quite decent and specifically for the filming was built a whole movie town, streets, houses and a church. Also five cars of that era and there were talks that it would be necessary to build a Focker D-7 aircraft if I’m not mistaken. We wanted to make a replica that could ride on its own on the field well, and episodes in the sky would be finished by the craftsmen on the computer. I really, really expected this. I wanted to participate in the construction of the aircraft but director decided to cut some scenes from the airfield and episodes of bombing were made digitally. Money was not enough and it was easier. Of course, I could not influence their decision because he was just one of the employees of the art department and regretted to do his job. However, a little later when I turned my gaze on the paraglider and realized the opportunity to rise to the sky myself, I came up with the idea of how to solve the problem of a small budget in a movie about old aircraft.

The idea is very simple, We build from aluminum and fabric, a replica of the aircraft, perhaps a little smaller scale but so that it was not very obvious. We install the motor in the front, whichever rotax 447 we carefully mask under the original details of the engine of the aircraft. We connect all this apparatus to a tandem paraglider and launch into the sky. I think that with a little skill, such a device will be able to fly quite well. I’m not saying that you have to decide things like lifting the wing with the long tail of the aircraft and the stability of the chassis and control, etc. But in the end we get an inexpensive aircraft that can cheerfully run around the green and if you need to fly. Shooting from inside the cabin is almost without problems, shooting the aircraft and its spans are removed as usual and then the video is processed and the paraglider is erased from the frame and there is a bookcase flying over the field. It is possible to lift anything into the sky, for example, in Disneyland, thus a fire-breathing dragon flies with a large wingspan and tail, which proves the vitality of my idea.


Honestly, I think if you make a paratrike, even if in a classic scheme with a motor behind it, but make it an excellent cabin like a World War I aircraft, so that when you fly it feels like you’re flying an old plane, that feeling of flight on such an apparatus would be more saturated than then you experience flying on a stool which forms are not graceful.


Classic scheme paratrike


I promised to put here the classical scheme and here it is – with the motor behind, like all “normal people”have 🙂 It’s not really true paratrike, rather a car, because it has 4 wheels. So I drew a flying car. I think this would make sense to build. And you can drive to the field along the rural paths to the paths well, and it would be nice to fly on it, such a device is not devoid of charm. In short, you have already understood that I can not be lured by any modern concepts, I like things that are beautiful, with history and my flying machines must also carry the spirit of the era of the birth of cars and avio sports!

Paramotor helmet

oldskull_paramotor helmet

A little free time appeared and I decided to draw a helmet for flights with paramotor. I have a modern helmet made of plastic and polystyrene, it appearance sucks. In general, there are practically no normal flying helmets. Especially in old school style. I like old leather helmets, but they do not protect head at all. Thats why I decided to draw such a collage – an old cork and modern helmet. It turned out as it seems to me quite well. I did everything in 3ds max program. I have a small experience, do not judge strictly. I would paint it by hand, but I wanted to twist it from all sides. I had to use the program for 3ds modeling. I think I could make this myself. How to do everything I already thought of. So far, only appearance.

oldskull_paramotor helmet paramotor helmet_ paramotor_helmet paramotor_helmet_