The first trip


Today was the complete opposite of yesterday. If on Saturday I completed the trike with oppressive thoughts of this nature – but who needs it all? And where I this trike then den? etc. But today, after I successfully tested the device and plenty of rolling, I had a positive attitude and a clear plan for what to do next. First you need to finish with the cab, install a speedometer, a tachometer. You need a rear-view mirror and check the brakes, too, that they at the end of the tests began to creak. The second is to plan a trip to the beach, sagitate your comrades and try to properly disperse it along the sand and also to pass the route I have planned, which for the time being remains a secret. The third is to start gathering information, materials and parts for building a tricycle suitable for public roads, of course with a conventional motor, preferably a car and a drive for the rear wheels. The picture of such a device is attached below.

In general, I am very happy with today. I thank God for the good weather and the absence of obstacles. Thanks to my brother Vyacheslav, for arriving, photos vbideo. Thanks to Ernest, who accompanied me on a motorcycle and helped me measure the speed on a straight line, which by the way was able to develop on a 200 meter straight 67 km per hour. I think that at a longer distance the device will give a larger figure. The amortization worked very well. The steering is tolerable but it could be better. The device is stable in the speed dial, it keeps the direction well. I’m very pleased! I hope there are still a lot of joyful minutes in the work on debugging and traveling on this glorious device that completely came out of my imagination…

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