The boat has already gained common features


The next weekend flew very fast. I worked whole week and thought about this weekend will finally come and as soon as they come I take my project with excitement. The boat has already gained common features. I screwed the sidewalls connecting the front wing to the rear. Put out the wings at the right angle and welded from iron scraps that lay on the work frame for the motor. It turned out quite nice. I wanted to put a motor in order to understand how everything would look together and start it in order to check the operation of the engine with a pulling screw. But there wasn’t enough time for everything, because you still had to disassemble everything and put it in a corner so that tomorrow people will come to work so that nothing would stop them. Such a position annoys me very much and steals a lot of nervous strength, but on the other hand, I don’t give up everything because of some nonsense. I have to adapt, because I have ideas that need to be implemented. So it is with the material, that I can buy something I can take from scraps and residues. The boat will be experimental, you need to run it, try to drive it here, then everything will become clear about the design and materials. If there is a need to build a new boat and there will be funds for it then I will do everything differently, but for now I need to build a decent, strong, as easy as possible work thing, and I am completely concentrated on this. As usual, the photo report is below.

DSCF5455 IMG_20191019_085722 IMG_20191019_091554 IMG_20191019_100240 IMG_20191019_104153 IMG_20191019_131011 IMG_20191019_121756 S0150214 S0180217 S0290229 S0200219 S0310231

Moving forward fast


Today I finished the rear wing of the ekranoplan. Completely made the cockpit and sheathed the wing with plywood on both sides, it remains to paste over it with fiberglass. I also bought polystyrene for the front pontoons and did a little work on the front wing. I have already made the rear and front wheels, the rear large ruder was made of plywood ribs and an aluminum tube, I covered all this with a cloth and coated with epoxy, it turned out pretty well, and the front small ruder did the same thing as with a plywood airlock sheet and plywood ribs. For the front wing, you only need to find the time to assemble it. For the money, the device is still cheap for me. Epoxy and fabric 44 euros, plywood 76 euros, polystyrene 33 euros, glue for plywood 18 euros and somewhere around 50-60 hours of work. I want to do as much as possible before the cold, because I work in an unheated hangar and in the winter I will not be able to do something big. Below is a photo of the work done.

IMG_20191013_132440 IMG_20191001_205343 IMG_20190928_110133 IMG_20190928_130103 IMG_20191001_145435 IMG_20191001_160725 IMG_20191001_165532 IMG_20191001_170201 IMG_20191002_090433 IMG_20191006_103210 IMG_20191006_103233 IMG_20191006_103253 IMG_20191007_152534 IMG_20191007_161446 IMG_20191012_111650 IMG_20191012_092349 IMG_20191012_111722 IMG_20191013_112330 IMG_20191013_112339 IMG_20191013_112437 IMG_20190712_120426 IMG_20190712_133148 IMG_20190713_114016 IMG_20190715_105821 IMG_20190715_151708 IMG_20190722_105856 я



19.08.2018 test drive


Today I finally got my trike to the beach and tested it on the sand. To admit, was a bit confused by the results. Sand is not an asphalt. The car is dying and hardly overclocking. I was so worried about the brakes, but it turned out to be on the beach, they do not need at all. You just let the gas and the car stops very quickly. It was possible to ride a little over forty kilometers per hour. 42 – 45 and that’s if you press a full gas. On the asphalt, the device accelerated to 60 very quickly and continued to dial, and there is a completely different matter. Depreciation is normal. Although the suspension on the semi axes at the working out of shock absorbers produces a scatter of wheels, they go as if up and to the side which also brake the device as it seemed to me. But overall I liked everything and I think if I change the front wheel for more and change the motor for more powerful than this kid, what costs me then you can safely go along the coast though around the whole sea. For a second I felt like Malcolm Campbell rushing along the beach on her blue bird. But my bird was red and the speed was several times less, but I think I managed to make the scenery so that I felt the same as my dear Malkom and Donald Campbell, Henry Seagrave, John Parry-Thomas and others. And one more moment – after an hour of skating, the propeller was simply ruined by sand and water. I really spoiled the propeller. The conclusion should be made on the propeller protective plates or tape in several layers to roll.

In general, I’m pleased with the trip. Many thanks to Igor who provided his car for transportation of the trike and assistance in testing! And also thanks to the great Karlis, for the shooting and for being not afraid of an early rise and joined the trip!

IMG_20180819_122705 IMG_20180819_122700 IMG_20180819_122653 IMG_20180819_060916



Since my last post, happened a lot. I made a gas knob and put the front panel in the cockpit. I also managed to get the rear shock absorbers and the front fork with the brake. I had to rework everything. I cut off the front forks and put another one in its place. The hood had to be removed and since the wheel and fork now take up more space, the nose had to be extended by 10 cm, so the front part took a more harmonious look. Now the truth is to change the steering, the old version does not fit. Yes, and I finally got the axles for the rear wheels. Now we need to wait for free time to proceed to further assembly. Due to the fact that there is very little time for the project and I would like to finish it before the beginning of summer, I’m in a hurry and I’m doing some very primitive things. Perhaps because of this period, the dash of the device will not be easy, but at the moment my goal is to put everything together so that you can start installing the engine!

DSCF8495 DSCF8494 DSCF8493 DSCF8491