My new boat Streamlined beauty


After building several classic square-shaped airboats, I decided to make the boat more streamlined and pointed. I understand why classic airboats have such unpretentious shape, it’s all about practicality, but I am an impractical person, I am an artist by nature, and since I idolize the design of the era between the two world wars of 1920-30, I chose the form characteristic of that era. I was inspired by such beautiful boats as Bootleggerboat and Miss Canada 4, so I decided to cross the streamlined boat hull and the propeller engine. Since I am constrained in the possibilities, I managed with what I have, that is, a low-power 21 horsepower engine, and picked up a small streamlined body for it. I chose a drawing of a boat made by William Jackson, the famous American designer who designed a boat called Dragonfly. A small teardrop seaplane for one pilot and an outboard engine. I redesigned the entire rear end by adding another frame and changing the transom to accommodate the propeller-driven paramotor engine. I made the hull of plywood pasted over with one layer of fiberglass, and I sheathed the boat deck with pine plywood and varnished it. The boat has two seats, one behind the other. Steering is carried out using a steering wheel connected to an aluminum tail, designed in the same style as the body. The boat turns out beautiful and impetuous, I like its appearance and I hope you too.

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New boat


Autumn is in full swing and all boats are laid up. The ekranoplan is disassembled and the motor is removed. With God’s help, I have mastered all my affairs planned for the past summer, but what now? The ekranoplan lost its engine and if there are no changes, then I think further experiments with it will be suspended. What I wanted I managed to do and my conscience is clear, but there can be no talk of further project development without significant finances. Therefore, while everything is frozen and I move on to my other idea that I can implement with the means that I have. So, what’s next, and then remember, if anyone is following my work, I had a project with an airboat to which I attached a cockpit from a flying trike project and put the motor in front with a pulling propeller. Then I felt the idea was very good for aviation and as I like in the spirit of 1920-30 moves of the twentieth century. I comprehended that product of mine and decided to continue in that direction. That is, the boating and aviation theme. Aerolodka, but more graceful with beautiful old-school contours to make it pleasant to look at and ride. I scoured the entire Internet in search of ready-made free drawings of boats of that era so beloved by me. And what I found for myself. This is a 1941 boat called Dragonfly designed and built by Engineer William Jack. This is a seaplane 3 meters long with an oval nose and vintage contours in the back, it has two floats, apparently to facilitate getting to the glider, but taking the general concept of the boat, I altered the rear part by removing these floats and made a solid bottom because the boat will not have an outboard motor but my paramotor with a propeller and therefore had to be redesigned at the back and also in the front I will leave room for one more passenger seat so the nose will not be completely sewn up. I will make it a beautiful aluminum tail, paint the bottom and sides with either green or white paint and cover the deck with clear varnish to emphasize its wooden nature. I think I will get a beautiful boat, I really want to make it as soon as possible. At the moment I have already made all the frames and glued the keel and sides, now I am working on the upper part of the boat and I hope to paste over the deck next week and only then turn it over and take up the bottom. Work is going on soon all weekend I spend in the workshop, so I hope to finish all the rough work by the new year. In the meantime, the photos and drawings are below.

IMG-20201031-WA0000 IMG-20201031-WA0013 IMG-20201031-WA0012 IMG-20201031-WA0007 IMG-20201031-WA0008 IMG-20201031-WA0009 IMG-20201031-WA0017 IMG-20201031-WA0004 IMG-20201031-WA0002 IMG-20201101-WA0003 IMG-20201101-WA0001

First test


So, I went to the lake and tested a boat with a motor in front. It must be said that the boat turned out to be heavy and the three of us had to drag it. Even the motor did not work correctly, absolutely did not want to go to full speed, although I drove it for repair and they assured me that everything was ok. At first the cord to start the engine was torn, changed it, then the carburetor fell off and rested on one bolt, of course, the motor stalled immediately. Screwed the carburetor. The power still did not reach its full potential and I had to quietly drive back and forth near the coast. But, nevertheless, I managed to understand something. And the first is that the steering wheel works fine. With this arrangement, the boat remains stable and maneuverable. The windshield needs more. But for now, I don’t think that I will continue to work on this boat, because we have the ekranoplan on the line and we need to concentrate all our efforts on it, but for now enjoy photos and videos from the tests.

IMG-20200527-WA0022 IMG-20200527-WA0015 IMG-20200527-WA0014 IMG-20200527-WA0010 IMG-20200527-WA0008 IMG-20200527-WA0004 20200527_093142

Everything is ready for water testing


I made all possible preparations and checks except one, for stability on the water and leakage of the bottom, but I think to do it at the same time when the first swim will be. Because it is problematic to float twice. We’ll have to do everything in one race.

I also pasted the boat with stickers that gave it a racing look. Black number 39 on the nose on a red background and on the tail on both sides as well. More on the sides of the side of the inscription EXPERIMENTAL in case of questions any power of the gentlemen, as well as a sticker with the name of my site in front and behind. Now everything looks very beautiful. I also pulled the boat outside and checked the engine and steering system. It seems everything works and the engine mount frame to the boat keeps everything well. The boat looks like I imagined it, it is neatly made of plywood and has a racing look like a glider from the 50-60s. Its nice to touch, good to see. This is a work of art. Everything, from the scale, the hydrodynamic form of the bottom and the appearance, was invented and implemented by me in about three months. On weekends and evenings. Let’s see how it floats, maybe as good as it looks. I hope. Tests prescribed for the first half of May. Since there is a lot of work and I can’t take a break from my wonderful Hobby. I really look forward to this moment and I hope everything will turn out. Below as always a photo report on the work done.

IMG_20190419_103104 IMG_20190419_103055 IMG_20190419_103049 IMG_20190419_103042 IMG_20190414_110112 IMG_20190414_105220