Continue to build


At the moment I finished assembling the frame and proceeded to pasting the bottom with plywood. I use plywood of not very good quality, but since I will glue the bottom with fiberglass, I think that it is not bad. Moreover, this building is constructed as an experimental one and its task is to check on itself the correctness of the solutions I have chosen. So the combat vehicle is being built. A little took photos of the process of construction, below you can see the result. When finished the frame, put on her cabin the rest of my aero-rike and enjoyed its vintage look. After driving on my hydroplane and checking its stability and sufficiency of engine power, I will immediately install the cockpit from my aero-rim and install the engine in front of me as in my dreamfighter. I put the tail behind me and fly like an airplane on the water. it will be almost what I wanted to realize when I built my paratrayk with a motor in front, but in this reincarnation everything will be possible in the best way. Because it seems to me that he looks awesome. If only the stability was satisfactory and the speed is sufficient, at least 40 km per hour. With 10 horsepower it’s almost impossible, but life will show …

The next step


There has been less work lately, so more time has come for my new project. On Monday, I managed to cut out the templates, and on Tuesday, with their help, I began to manufacture parts of my airboat. On Wednesday, that is, today I have already put all the details together to look at the product on its true scale. I am satisfied with the work done. Tomorrow I’ll start preparing the details for sticking. I bought a special two-component waterproof glue and slowly begin to glue. Below are photos from the production.

IMG-20190130-WA0001 IMG_20190203_092349 IMG_20190203_092226 IMG_20190203_112123 IMG_20190203_112133

Something new


I thought for a long time, what next?  I will build a boat. Firstly, sport seaplanes, speedboats I always liked, as well as airplanes because of their swift form. I disassembled my trike. Left only the fiberglass cabin, the frame had to be cut into metal. I have nowhere to store it, but to build a new place is necessary. My employer agreed to give me a small corner on my business, but there is not enough space for two projects. In general, I have a motor – a weak rocket 125. And I want to make a boat for this motor. Of course it will be aero gliding. Something similar to American calamus bots, but I hope to make my boat more elegant. The idea is to make the boat small enough to fit in the upper trunk of the car and two people could easily remove it from there. For this, it must be easy. Also, it should be easy to join any pair of motor. More precisely, a pair of motor installation. Well, since my motor can produce a maximum of 50 kg of traction, the boat must also have an advanced hull in order to go out on the boat and quickly slide along the water surface. I read a lot of different literature about hydrodynamics, watched various videos and changed my mind about a small body with an aerodynamic body with a small cross section. All this in a complex should give speed and good handling. I made several drawings that I will exhibit below. At the moment I have already prepared the material needed for construction. My employer Roland allowed me to use the tool and work in the workshop, as well as use some material, for which he thanks a lot. A colleague Tom helped me with the manufacture of files for CNC, so that I could cut out the templates on which I then cut the workpiece using a manual cutter. For which he, too, thank you very much! In general, I will gradually build a boat and talk about my successes.

IMG-20190127-WA0006 IMG-20190127-WA0003 IMG-20190127-WA0002 IMG-20190127-WA0005 IMG-20190127-WA0004

The Northern Route

I present to you my new job. This is a graphic novel “The Northern Route”. I decided to draw a story like a movie. Because such a movie, unfortunately, is not filmed. Therefore, there is nothing else left but to take up brushes and paints to fill this emptiness in modern cinema with at least your own comics and graphic novels. Enjoy your reading! If you want to get the paper version or any suggestions, please contact me by mail While the novel is in Russian, but translation into other languages is also possible.

Late autumn


I did not write anything in my blog for a long time. There was no time, and there was nothing interesting about it, which I could share with the unresponsive emptiness in which I throw away my articles. There is simply no feedback. Probably nobody reads my blog. Perhaps no one even knows about my existence. All this from the fact that I am not public. I am not registered in any social networks and I have few friends. And here in this site I have the illusion that I am sort of a diary of my affairs, I kinda make reports to the universe about the work done on this planet. Okay, a little philosophy I think will not hurt this blog, but now the main thing.

Trike after a trip to the beach in need of some repairs. I repaired and adjusted the motor. Replaced the compression valve, cleaned it of sand and hung it on the paramotor. Trike was standing covered with an awning for three months and, as a result, the wheels rusted to the axles. Salt water has done its job and the bearings have fallen into disrepair. Before disassembling the trike, I weighed it and it turned out that it weighs 114 kg, which is quite a lot. Over the summer and autumn, I built a trike for flights. Made him small. But not yet experienced even. That the weather, then work. I also changed my place of residence, and this is moving and repair. But now I live closer to the old airfield. I also thought to make a boat out of my trike. Rather, the hovercraft, below leave the picture. But for now this idea is only on paper. It was not possible to make inflatable pontoons, but everything else is in principle. Maybe my Rocket 120 will be weak. Honestly, it would be my will, I would buy tools and motors and build a lot of different devices for water and for air and earth, and they would all excite people’s imagination.

And one more thing – I drew a new comic strip. More precisely, a graphic novel about the north about snowmobiles, about Lake Baikal. There are many adventures and various interesting techniques. A novel about my favorite time – 20-30 years of the last century. Maybe soon I will post it on the site so that I could get acquainted with it. I started working on this graphic novel in the spring and just finished it yesterday. Half a year I painted it in the evenings at night and on weekends. Thanks to my family for patience, because it took a lot of strength and nerves. And of course, Thanks to God the Creator, under whose light we all are.

IMG_20180822_093626 IMG_20180822_093639 IMG_20181017_141019 IMG_20181017_141011 IMG_20181017_141002 IMG_20181010_100047 IMG_20181010_100039 IMG_20181010_100030 IMG_20181009_163007 IMG_20181009_162958 IMG_20180826_212953