Moving forward fast


Today I finished the rear wing of the ekranoplan. Completely made the cockpit and sheathed the wing with plywood on both sides, it remains to paste over it with fiberglass. I also bought polystyrene for the front pontoons and did a little work on the front wing. I have already made the rear and front wheels, the rear large ruder was made of plywood ribs and an aluminum tube, I covered all this with a cloth and coated with epoxy, it turned out pretty well, and the front small ruder did the same thing as with a plywood airlock sheet and plywood ribs. For the front wing, you only need to find the time to assemble it. For the money, the device is still cheap for me. Epoxy and fabric 44 euros, plywood 76 euros, polystyrene 33 euros, glue for plywood 18 euros and somewhere around 50-60 hours of work. I want to do as much as possible before the cold, because I work in an unheated hangar and in the winter I will not be able to do something big. Below is a photo of the work done.

IMG_20191013_132440 IMG_20191001_205343 IMG_20190928_110133 IMG_20190928_130103 IMG_20191001_145435 IMG_20191001_160725 IMG_20191001_165532 IMG_20191001_170201 IMG_20191002_090433 IMG_20191006_103210 IMG_20191006_103233 IMG_20191006_103253 IMG_20191007_152534 IMG_20191007_161446 IMG_20191012_111650 IMG_20191012_092349 IMG_20191012_111722 IMG_20191013_112330 IMG_20191013_112339 IMG_20191013_112437 IMG_20190712_120426 IMG_20190712_133148 IMG_20190713_114016 IMG_20190715_105821 IMG_20190715_151708 IMG_20190722_105856 я



Continuing to build ekranoplan


For today, the project with ekranoplan significantly moved forward. I managed to do a lot and changed my mind and decided a lot. It is important to maintain the ease of use. I made the spars and ribs of the rear wing, which in combination will also be a boat. Strength is needed, so the weight of the parts is quite large, although I removed the material where I could. However, if I will do the front wing using the same technology using plywood and wood, I’m afraid my motor will not be able to tear the boat from the water, but I had a different solution – I will use a PVC fabric wing and a pair of aluminum or thin-walled steel pipes, it’s easier to work with them, I will make ribs from aluminum tubes and it will be simple and easy. I will do a motor frame at the very end when I collect the main parts of the boat. It is very important that the boat is collapsible, otherwise I can’t get it to the water in my car, the floats will be dressed separately on the shore.

The rear wing I put together today. The ribs are on the spar and glued. At the weekend, I will glue the necessary details for the strength of the structure and process the end boards, then it will be possible to glue the skin. With the front wing, it’s all the more less clear to me, it remains to deal with the floats, I think they should be made of polystyrene foam and pasted over with fiberglass. It is important to make a boat that can completely come off the water and fly stably on the screen. To do this, I will have to find the perfect balance between the weight of the boat with the pilot with engine power and the force that will occur during riding in all modes and in any wind. No stabilizer is provided if the boat lifts its nose too much, then I will simply remove the gas at this stage I don’t need extra leverage; the main thing is to build the boat and it will be possible to turn it on the water further. The main thing for me is to make a boat that could take off low above the water in straight sections and, of course, the atmosphere of a propeller spinning in front and the feeling of flying on an airplane. At the moment, I think there are enough goals. Below, as usual, some photos from the work on the boat.

IMG_20190921_111129 IMG_20190921_112449 IMG_20190921_112500 IMG_20190922_102622 IMG_20190922_114433 IMG_20190924_141947 IMG_20190924_155558 IMG_20190924_155547 IMG_20190926_093623 IMG_20190928_104743


Winter activities


Well then, it’s time to make a new blog entry. I haven’t written anything for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t do anything. The fact is that I went headlong into work on a new project. The boat on which I have been working lately has shown itself very well, and having rolled on it in plenty, I was wondering how to improve it. The boat itself and its principle is ideal, nothing more, put it on the roof of a car, came to a lake or river, installed a paramotor installation and flew along the water surface. But I’m a designer by nature and I wondered if 120 aero engine could accelerate a boat faster? Maybe hydrofoils? Or just wings? Ekranoplan, that’s what I can try. Once I was already trying to build an ekranoplan of an aerodynamic tandem scheme, and this time I picked up old papers and got down to business. I made a model, successfully tested it, everything works, so I need to make it real. I installed the propeller in front in order to use all the engine power and the air pushed by the propeller. I don’t know how long it will be and what will come out in the end, I’m making this record just to say everything is going forward, albeit a little messy at this stage. Below, as usual, photos of the work done and a short video from the work on the model.

ekranoplan 3d model ekranoplan 3d model ekranoplan 3d model

IMG_20190625_103622 IMG_20190627_162043 IMG_20190627_162059 IMG_20190919_123026 IMG_20190729_141303 IMG_20190618_074103 IMG_20190613_113901

Speed measurement


Well, so I checked the speed of my boat. Yesterday it was quite windy and it affected the speed measurements a little, but I did everything as expected and measured the speed both against the wind and the wind, and also measured the speed with and without propeller protection and also checked one propeller made by my friend Roland from plywood. Again, my friend Karlis was with me on the tests, for which many thanks to him, he helped me a lot. So, in terms of speed against the wind it seemed 34-35 km / h, and in the wind maximum 42 it is with protection for the propeller. I took off my protection and left again, this time it showed against the wind 37 in the wind 45, I changed the propeller and here against the wind 40 in the wind I accelerated to 49 and even to 50, it seemed that I would take a little more. The fairing made on the eve came up very well – the wind no longer blows and the glass turned out fine, that is, I bend down and the head in the helmet becomes a natural continuation of the fairing, and through the glass everything is perfectly visible and most importantly – the wind does not blow. At the moment, I have done the maximum. The motor again jams a bit in my opinion, where it sucks in excess air. You need to put your hand and now try to walk along the river. There is an idea for one colorful route along the Gauja River. In general, we will prepare. By the way, I forked out a bit and bought a GoPro 7 white camera, this video, which will be lower, I shot already with its help. Of course I haven’t really figured it out yet and the video was shot in the wrong format due to which the boat sometimes looks a little deformed, but nothing the next time I’ll try to correct and shoot the material better. As always, photos and videos below.

IMG_20190601_160806 IMG_20190601_171047 IMG_20190601_172907 IMG_20190601_172910 IMG_20190601_180001


The boat is ready again. It was impossible to get a detail for the muffler. I cut off the place that broke off and put a piece of stainless pipe there welded, I hope it will hold. Motor started, adjusted, now it works like a watch. I also made a front fairing so that there was a windscreen and better air flow around the pilot. I hope it will be comfortable on the water. And as it turned out, we still need handles in order to pull the case out o f the water and generally for ease of carrying. I bought four simple handles in the store and screwed it in beforehand, smearing it with silicone. The handles may have spoiled the look, but maybe not, some technicality, functionality added. I have not yet seen a boat on the water with these handles, while it is difficult to judge. Now you need to wait for the weather as soon as it clears up so I will go to the lake to ride. Below are photos as always.

IMG_20190529_141213 IMG_20190529_141208

IMG_20190529_141315IMG_20190522_125753 IMG_20190522_124921 (1) IMG_20190521_100543 IMG_20190521_111613