New small boat tests


So, let’s talk about the tests of my new small airboat, which is practically a copy of the previous one, built last year, but slightly reduced by half in order to get into the limit of ships that do not need a license and registration. Corsair with 21 horsepower, which was more powerful than the previous 7-horsepower engine. The newspaper has taken off. A powerful start and acceleration almost instantly to 45 km per hour and then everything I have is up to about 47 km at a time. I think all the fault is in the propeller. Cannot work efficiently at speed. You just need to replace the propeller that you need to buy. The speed of fifty kilometers per hour for this boat is very decent and quite enough, so you can safely chase rivers and lakes. Okay, I realized that, now about ekranoplan.

I have already remade the frame, and it has slightly changed to 25 degrees relative to the surface of the water. In short, very cool. I think it should be somehow different, since part of the flow is passed over the wing. I hope that everything will be in force, and all boats will be delivered from the water. Next week we move on to boat assembly and testing. Yes, and yet both motors are out of order. The ignition system just crumbled. 10 years ago in a garage where there is all the wiring crumbled, the spark disappeared and the starter does not turn. In short there is something to do at your leisure. As usual, the photos below.


S0591067 S0531060 S0581065 S0551062 S0561063



First tests of ekranoplan


The first tests of ekranoplan made. For the first time, fine, I think. The steering is working. The boat is not leaking. The motor has little power for this boat. The rear wing has a large lifting force and therefore presses the nose and does not allow the boat to accelerate. Perhaps if there was more power it would be pulled. I don’t know, I need to try different options. While I calmed down. I don’t have a powerful motor, which means that you can do airboats. I will rearrange the engine to a new aero boat and arrange races. now I have two airliners and two motors for my small boats will be just right, and the winged aircraft needs to be improved and a new engine. And in general, to come with him to the lake is a very big problem. Three bulky parts need to be assembled and taken by bus and then collected and adjusted for two hours. Very hard. For such tests, you need a base near the water and some free funds, then things will go faster. Yes, and I forgot to say, I was flooded with water from spray from head to toe. And the propeller hit the water. I don’t know when the next time I will take this green monster to the test, but so far I’m satisfied.

Special thanks to my friends Karlis, Tom and Roland for their help at an important moment.

First test


So, I went to the lake and tested a boat with a motor in front. It must be said that the boat turned out to be heavy and the three of us had to drag it. Even the motor did not work correctly, absolutely did not want to go to full speed, although I drove it for repair and they assured me that everything was ok. At first the cord to start the engine was torn, changed it, then the carburetor fell off and rested on one bolt, of course, the motor stalled immediately. Screwed the carburetor. The power still did not reach its full potential and I had to quietly drive back and forth near the coast. But, nevertheless, I managed to understand something. And the first is that the steering wheel works fine. With this arrangement, the boat remains stable and maneuverable. The windshield needs more. But for now, I don’t think that I will continue to work on this boat, because we have the ekranoplan on the line and we need to concentrate all our efforts on it, but for now enjoy photos and videos from the tests.

IMG-20200527-WA0022 IMG-20200527-WA0015 IMG-20200527-WA0014 IMG-20200527-WA0010 IMG-20200527-WA0008 IMG-20200527-WA0004 20200527_093142

Waiting for a good weather


The weather is very bad, a cold wind blows all the time and is raining all the time. The middle of May and there is no heat yet. Over the past week I have finished painting another boat and installed the tail. I also pasted a number and a couple of inscriptions on the sides. The boat turned out 2498 mm which is 22 mm smaller than the previous one and now it falls under the law on registration and license. That is, a boat up to 2500 mm long may not have registration and it can be controlled without having rights. In short, that was my goal and I achieved it. It is light blue, the inscriptions and the circle on the nose are white. Number is a black four. Since I give all my cars a number, which means my age at the time of construction, so it happened to me. Therefore, the number 4 in the circle means 40. It looks more interesting and better. As for the airliner with a motor in front, I finished it, tightened the motor and cabin to the hull of the boat and made steering control using a cable. Management will be carried out using an underwater steering wheel, so it seemed to me better and this does not spoil the overall look. Gasoline has already been poured into the tank and now it remains only to wait for the weather and go to the lake. I hope that soon it will turn out good and it will be possible to start the test, after which I intend to immediately go For 250 km from the city to a large lake to experience the ekranoplan. I would very much like to do these two tests in June, and then already remount the engine on a new boat from an ekranoplan and test it with a powerful engine. As usual, a photo of the work done below.IMG-20200516-WA0009 IMG-20200516-WA0008 IMG-20200516-WA0007 IMG-20200516-WA0006 IMG-20200516-WA0018 IMG-20200516-WA0017 IMG-20200516-WA0011 IMG-20200516-WA0012 IMG-20200516-WA0014 IMG-20200516-WA0015 IMG-20200516-WA0016 IMG-20200516-WA0019 IMG-20200516-WA0004 IMG-20200516-WA0005



One more airboat


Finally, May have come. I think to test the ekranoplan this month. To do this, I need several things to coincide. I need a van on which I will transport the boat, but I seem to have agreed on it. Good weather is needed where I will conduct tests and the help of several people, preferably with a boat equipped with a motor. All this stuff need to be organized.

Since the ekranoplan has been packed for a long time and is waiting for its time, moreover, there has come universal quarantine because of which I lost my job, but I did not lose access to the workshop, so I managed to construct another small airlock, a copy of the first so that I could ride together race. Today I already pasted it with fiberglass. It remains to paint and build a mount for the motor.

Another thought haunts me. I would like to install a fiberglass cabin left over from a paratrike and install it on a boat and put the engine on the front like on an airplane. I set everything until it was screwed down, sat inside and it seemed to me that this is very cool. If I still decide to do this, then we get a super boat, outwardly somewhat similar to the air boats of the era of the 30s participating in the legendary raid Pavia – Venice. I am inspired by that era and those cars. For a complete buzz you had to get a leather helmet. I sewed it from a piece of leather that I have. Still need glasses and a white scarf, developing at the back. I don’t know how stable the boat will be in water in such a layout, but it will look great and the thrill of riding will be cool. It remains to be decided which steering wheel to install – air or underwater. Both options have pros and cons, you need to think. Below is a photo of the work done.

IMG_20200327_135022 IMG_20200504_092658 IMG_20200504_092641 IMG_20200504_092649 IMG_20200326_113326

IMG_20200501_123907 IMG_20200501_123852 IMG_20200502_165916 IMG_20200502_191120 IMG_20200427_170506 IMG_20200501_123830 IMG_20200501_123835 IMG_20200501_123807 IMG_20200501_123843