Waiting for a good weather


The weather is very bad, a cold wind blows all the time and is raining all the time. The middle of May and there is no heat yet. Over the past week I have finished painting another boat and installed the tail. I also pasted a number and a couple of inscriptions on the sides. The boat turned out 2498 mm which is 22 mm smaller than the previous one and now it falls under the law on registration and license. That is, a boat up to 2500 mm long may not have registration and it can be controlled without having rights. In short, that was my goal and I achieved it. It is light blue, the inscriptions and the circle on the nose are white. Number is a black four. Since I give all my cars a number, which means my age at the time of construction, so it happened to me. Therefore, the number 4 in the circle means 40. It looks more interesting and better. As for the airliner with a motor in front, I finished it, tightened the motor and cabin to the hull of the boat and made steering control using a cable. Management will be carried out using an underwater steering wheel, so it seemed to me better and this does not spoil the overall look. Gasoline has already been poured into the tank and now it remains only to wait for the weather and go to the lake. I hope that soon it will turn out good and it will be possible to start the test, after which I intend to immediately go For 250 km from the city to a large lake to experience the ekranoplan. I would very much like to do these two tests in June, and then already remount the engine on a new boat from an ekranoplan and test it with a powerful engine. As usual, a photo of the work done below.IMG-20200516-WA0009 IMG-20200516-WA0008 IMG-20200516-WA0007 IMG-20200516-WA0006 IMG-20200516-WA0018 IMG-20200516-WA0017 IMG-20200516-WA0011 IMG-20200516-WA0012 IMG-20200516-WA0014 IMG-20200516-WA0015 IMG-20200516-WA0016 IMG-20200516-WA0019 IMG-20200516-WA0004 IMG-20200516-WA0005



Oleg Gladchenko