I managed till winter


The front end of the ekranoplan is ready. The frame is welded, the pontoons are glued, everything is ready for gluing with fiberglass. I must say that the device is quite large. The main thing is not to sort out the weight, you need to keep within 150 kg without a pilot then it will be good. Honestly, I can’t imagine how I’ll take the boat to the test, although it can be divided into two parts, the roof of my small car is definitely not enough. And you will also need to find some secluded place to calmly conduct the test without unnecessary onlookers.

What else? I can only cover the boat with fiberglass in early December. a lot of work and the workshop is littered with various furniture so for a month I will not write anything here. If everything goes well, then before the new year the boat will be glued and possibly painted. Then the rudders, engine and cockpit will be installed. As always below the photos of the work done.

IMG_20191030_134638 IMG_20191103_102549 IMG_20191103_102110 IMG_20191103_113830 IMG_20191103_113838 IMG_20191103_125821 IMG_20191103_125815uspe

Oleg Gladchenko