Moving forward fast


Today I finished the rear wing of the ekranoplan. Completely made the cockpit and sheathed the wing with plywood on both sides, it remains to paste over it with fiberglass. I also bought polystyrene for the front pontoons and did a little work on the front wing. I have already made the rear and front wheels, the rear large ruder was made of plywood ribs and an aluminum tube, I covered all this with a cloth and coated with epoxy, it turned out pretty well, and the front small ruder did the same thing as with a plywood airlock sheet and plywood ribs. For the front wing, you only need to find the time to assemble it. For the money, the device is still cheap for me. Epoxy and fabric 44 euros, plywood 76 euros, polystyrene 33 euros, glue for plywood 18 euros and somewhere around 50-60 hours of work. I want to do as much as possible before the cold, because I work in an unheated hangar and in the winter I will not be able to do something big. Below is a photo of the work done.

IMG_20191013_132440 IMG_20191001_205343 IMG_20190928_110133 IMG_20190928_130103 IMG_20191001_145435 IMG_20191001_160725 IMG_20191001_165532 IMG_20191001_170201 IMG_20191002_090433 IMG_20191006_103210 IMG_20191006_103233 IMG_20191006_103253 IMG_20191007_152534 IMG_20191007_161446 IMG_20191012_111650 IMG_20191012_092349 IMG_20191012_111722 IMG_20191013_112330 IMG_20191013_112339 IMG_20191013_112437 IMG_20190712_120426 IMG_20190712_133148 IMG_20190713_114016 IMG_20190715_105821 IMG_20190715_151708 IMG_20190722_105856 я



Oleg Gladchenko