Winter activities


Well then, it’s time to make a new blog entry. I haven’t written anything for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t do anything. The fact is that I went headlong into work on a new project. The boat on which I have been working lately has shown itself very well, and having rolled on it in plenty, I was wondering how to improve it. The boat itself and its principle is ideal, nothing more, put it on the roof of a car, came to a lake or river, installed a paramotor installation and flew along the water surface. But I’m a designer by nature and I wondered if 120 aero engine could accelerate a boat faster? Maybe hydrofoils? Or just wings? Ekranoplan, that’s what I can try. Once I was already trying to build an ekranoplan of an aerodynamic tandem scheme, and this time I picked up old papers and got down to business. I made a model, successfully tested it, everything works, so I need to make it real. I installed the propeller in front in order to use all the engine power and the air pushed by the propeller. I don’t know how long it will be and what will come out in the end, I’m making this record just to say everything is going forward, albeit a little messy at this stage. Below, as usual, photos of the work done and a short video from the work on the model.

ekranoplan 3d model ekranoplan 3d model ekranoplan 3d model

IMG_20190625_103622 IMG_20190627_162043 IMG_20190627_162059 IMG_20190919_123026 IMG_20190729_141303 IMG_20190618_074103 IMG_20190613_113901

Oleg Gladchenko