First airboat tests


Yesterday, on the 12th of May, I tested my airboat. For the first time it happened in my life that not one fear was not confirmed, but all hopes were fulfilled. The boat turned out to be very stable, very maneuverable, very fast, considering that it has a 10 kW motor. His thrust is about 45 kg, which means that all my work was not in vain and the cross-flow on the boat’s hull does its work – reduces the wet space of the bottom of the boat, this leads to the fact that the boat is already on the floor of the gas going to the hydroplane. Unfortunately, my GPS broke down and I could not find out the speed. According to my feelings and the feelings of my friend who has a lot of experience walking on motorboats, my airboat is about 40-50 km per hour. On the water is a lot. I didn’t even expect such a result, but to be honest at some points I personally felt that speed was over 50 km per hour. And this is the smallest paramotor engine that is. I can imagine what will happen if you put the motor on the boat at least 20 HP. The speed will increase significantly. Of course there may be various problems with increasing speed, but at the moment the boat behaves well with this motor. I also did not weigh the boat, I think it weighs around 40 kg. This is a bit much. But I deliberately over-tightened it trying to make it very durable. Therefore, the next boat can be made a little easier, because now I know where you can remove the excess. In general, I am very pleased and eager to take the boat to any river. Now need to wait until the summer weather settles and you can continue to test the boat. As always below, I attach photos with the latest events and attach the video I took on the phone and quickly assembled it. I think in the future to approach the process of filming more responsibly and get an Action Camera. And I also wanted to say a big thank you to my old friend Oscar, who sheltered my boat on his territory in his spacious garage and helped me with the water tests! For this, I am very grateful to him without his help, I would have had difficulty.

And here is the video

IMG_20190513_100646 IMG_20190512_064521 IMG_20190512_064527 IMG_20190512_073653 IMG_20190512_073712 IMG_20190512_073803 IMG_20190512_074757 IMG_20190512_080746

Oleg Gladchenko