Everything is ready for water testing


I made all possible preparations and checks except one, for stability on the water and leakage of the bottom, but I think to do it at the same time when the first swim will be. Because it is problematic to float twice. We’ll have to do everything in one race.

I also pasted the boat with stickers that gave it a racing look. Black number 39 on the nose on a red background and on the tail on both sides as well. More on the sides of the side of the inscription EXPERIMENTAL in case of questions any power of the gentlemen, as well as a sticker with the name of my site in front and behind. Now everything looks very beautiful. I also pulled the boat outside and checked the engine and steering system. It seems everything works and the engine mount frame to the boat keeps everything well. The boat looks like I imagined it, it is neatly made of plywood and has a racing look like a glider from the 50-60s. Its nice to touch, good to see. This is a work of art. Everything, from the scale, the hydrodynamic form of the bottom and the appearance, was invented and implemented by me in about three months. On weekends and evenings. Let’s see how it floats, maybe as good as it looks. I hope. Tests prescribed for the first half of May. Since there is a lot of work and I can’t take a break from my wonderful Hobby. I really look forward to this moment and I hope everything will turn out. Below as always a photo report on the work done.

IMG_20190419_103104 IMG_20190419_103055 IMG_20190419_103049 IMG_20190419_103042 IMG_20190414_110112 IMG_20190414_105220

Oleg Gladchenko