Everything is ready for engine installation


Shock absorbers installed. The brakes are made and the hood I lengthened screwed and painted. Next thing to do – install the engine. Make the handle of the gas, then a fence for the screw and I think we can leave the garage. The only thing that does not give me a little sleep is the design of the front. When I took off the hood to fix the front fork, I noticed how well the machine looks without a bulky cowl in front. It is short and cute, a bit like the kind of genus. The only thing that bothers me is the small and delicate front wheel. If you leave the device without the fairing, then the wheel should be thicker, then the appearance will win more powerful, and if you leave a thin wheel, visually the superiority of the large cabin will be purely composite. Now I’m thinking about what to do. I can probably buy a tire more and solve this question in the same way, but the budget does not allow .. There is another option to cut holes in the hood on the sides so making it a little easier and perhaps more interesting, but it can turn out unsuccessfully, the device can look too theatrical .. I think I’ll leave it this way. you need to roll it out onto the street. We need to move away from it and then everything will become clear. I work in a dark hangar, hiding my device from all eyes, and I did not really see it from a distance, except in my imagination. Yes, I wanted to say a big thank you to Roland, my employer. he allows me to use the tool and design in his workshop. If it were not for his kind heart, so all would remain on paper ..

There is such a tricycle, the Morgan machine, British. I really like their concept and the fact that they do not change their pre-war design of this model. So I thought that my tricycle if I made a design like my aeromobile but with the engine built into the back of the cab and with a chain drive to the wheel building, then visually it would look not nearly worse than Morgan and where it’s even more interesting. The design of the reverse triangle is a single trike with a rudder like a car. I wonder if it will have enough stability on the road?

DSCF8508 DSCF8507 DSCF8506 DSCF8511 DSCF8512 DSCF8513 DSCF8504

Oleg Gladchenko