Building continues


Over the weekend, I managed quite a lot. I bought a sheet of aluminum and made a hood for the front of the trike. Put the hinges so the hood could be easily opened, fork and the front wheel could be reached if necessary. As fasteners of the bottom of the hood used belts like old cars. Visually, I like this decision most of all, but the straps turned out to be flimsy and torn as soon as I could just pull them. In general, I had to put on bolts. It does not look good, but it keeps well. On top of that, I painted the hood with black paint. The paint was only matte and does not look very good with a glossy casing, but in general it is satisfactory, then I can varnish it and it will be ok.

One of my good friends Irena decided to help me and brought a whole package of all sorts of interesting things. Various rivets, belts, handbags, decorative carnations and scraps of different fabrics. Among other things, there was also a good piece of black dermantine to which I covered the hastily made of plywood and foam rubber seat. It turned out very well. However, in the cockpit it became a little cramped and there was nowhere to pull the legs. But even the pedals need to be put somewhere. At the moment this is my main problem and next week I hope to solve it.

Unfortunately, the rear axles and braces for the brakes are still unprepared, and it makes me angry and brakes the whole project. If I welded the axles, I could put the wheels and brakes. After that, you can mount the motor and take over the fence and there is already the final straight and sun-drenched beach on which I will rush on my hot rod-aerotrayke, I do not even know what else it can be called. While I’m happy with everything in the design. Everything within my picture, but still a lot of work if only it was unnecessary to be distracted by the earnings, I would have built a whole fleet of cars that could be safely taken and removed in the sequel of the Mad Max …

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Oleg Gladchenko