I continue building. The frame is welded and painted with black primer. The frame was too heavy and without shock absorbers. But for now I’ll leave it as it is. It is necessary to try to put a trike on the wheels and then it will become clear what went well and what was bad. It will still be necessary to cut and digest the frame in the course of testing, and then I will insert the shock absorbers, if necessary. The idea is that the wheels will amortize the frame itself too. This trike is intended solely for driving along the beach and on a specific route (more on this later).

At the weekend I screwed the fiberglass body to the frame and made the floor of plywood. Still installed the front fork and wheel. He welded the steering spider and connected it to the steering wheel. The next thing I plan to do is complete the management system, adjust everything and finally fix it. Then I think to do the interior. The rear suspension is not ready yet. It is necessary to wait for one master to make on the axis milling cutter and a couple of parts for the brakes, then it will be possible to put everything together. Well, we are waiting for the next weekend to resume interesting work again.

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Oleg Gladchenko