What is next?


Once again reviewing my flight video, I came to the final conclusion – the paratrike with the standard motor is more profitable and there will be no problems using it. I knew this before, but it did not stop me from building my apparatus. The problems that have arisen on the first flight could be solved in many ways. Adding tail, two motors spinning in different directions, the wings just behind the propeller to compensate for the torque, etc. All this needs money and time, but my resources have now expired. I built my flying machine as I wanted, it is different from all the others, I flew on it. I am satisfied that I did this and this is already a lot.

Now the DREAMFIGHTER project is coming to a slowdown. It all depends on my sufficient motivation and resources. Equally very important are like-minded people. The thing is, you need to figure it all out, check it out. On the body of the apparatus after the fall, cracks appeared. A frame may be deformed from a strong impact. It is necessary to check the places of welding and fixing the parts. I’ll start experimenting with the model again, I’ll try different options. Earlier I also did some experiments with a scale model, but some things that seemed to me pluses were in fact minuses. In general, a lot of work and everything can drag on for an indefinite time.

Now spring begins and the flight season opens, so I think it’s some time to fly on my backpack paramotor and just enjoy the flights.

P.S. I exhibit some drawings and ideas that arose during the development of the paratrike DREAMFIGHTER. Thanks to everyone who follows the project!

DSCF5087 S0597062 DSCF6443 20170312_170925


Oleg Gladchenko